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January 20, 2017

Could Horses Be Gluten Intollerant?

by DePaolo Equine Concepts

As someone who suffers from a gluten sensitivity myself, I’ve been wondering if horses could have this same issue.  Often times when horses with digestive problems transition to my recommended low glycemic diet, their health improves.

Even though soy is not addressed in the article, I firmly believe it is also a contributing factor to hind gut distress.  Soybean crops are typically “Roundup ready” or sprayed heavily with chemical herbicides leaving the hulls contaminated with these toxins.

In my practice I feel that the best approach to your horse’s diet is to NEVER feed soy, sugar or molasses but rather feed hay, pellets and a good comprehensive vitamin and mineral supplement.  If your horse needs more fat in its diet, great sources of “cool” calories are rice bran and coconut meal (brand names: CoolStance or Renew Gold).  You can also add 2-4oz of oil (olive or flax) as a highly digestible source of Omega Fatty Acids.
To read the article from The Horse on Gluten Sensitivity click on the thumbnails or direct link below.

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Source: Possibility of Gluten Sensitivity in Horses Examined |

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