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Hidden Heavy Metals In Horses

Dr. DePaolo has tested over 3,800 horses with Horse Hair Analysis.  Many horses show heavy metal toxicities.  Heavy or toxic metals are known to interfere with normal biochemical function and are deadly to Read more »


Selenium Is Essential For Horses

The mineral, selenium, is a great anti-inflammatory and anti-viral.  It has high anti-oxidant properties.  Although humans get selenium from certain nuts, fish and eggs, horses need to obtain it through Read more »


What is a Fecal Egg Count?

Veterinary clinics and independent laboratories can conduct a Fecal Egg Counts (FEC) which is a test to determine your horse’s parasite load.  This is a great way to learn if you need to deworm and what dewormer to use.

Simply collect a small, fresh manure ball in a sealable bag marked with the date and horse’s information and give it to your veterinarian.  The vet clinic will normally complete the test within twenty-four hours. Read more »