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March 10, 2017

Hidden Heavy Metals In Horses

by DePaolo Equine Concepts

Dr. DePaolo has tested over 3,800 horses with Horse Hair Analysis.  Many horses show heavy metal toxicities.  Heavy or toxic metals are known to interfere with normal biochemical function and are deadly to cells and tissues when allowed to accumulate in the body.

The body’s protective response is to ‘hide’ toxic metals deep in the organs and tissues.  These metals persist in the body for years following exposure.  Without chelating toxicities from the body, a horse can never be healthy.  Horse Hair Analysis test will reveal chronic, historic or previously hidden heavy metals.

It is surprisingly common for a horse to show normal on a first HHA test but then reveal a high level of a heavy metal on a retest.  It means the horse had a “Hidden Heavy Metal Toxicity” indicating that there were more heavy metals in the body than were showing during the first test.

This can actually be a good sign if a horse’s HHA Retest goes from normal to toxic when they are on the HHA Personal Supplement.  The chelation ingredients have enabled the horse to start detoxing the metals.   It is important to continue the chelation to be sure the horse completely eliminates all of these toxic metals.

For more information on Horse Hair Analysis please visit our website.


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