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DePaolo Equine Concepts is pioneering a holistic equine health care revolution  – an approach that combines traditional veterinary medicine with equine nutraceuticals. Horse Hair Analysis® is part of that approach: it’s a cutting edge process for evaluating the cause of puzzling health problems and horse nutrition deficiencies, culminating with a customized horse supplement. We are passionate about our equine health care products — we offer the best horse joint supplements, digestive aides for horse ulcers, comprehensive equine vitamin and mineral supplements, as well as nutraceutical supplements for horses with Endocrine, Neurologic and Mental issues.See more in our Online Store and Health Library.


DePaolo Equine Concepts

1201 N. Industrial Blvd

Pilot Point, TX 76258

(940) 686-9111

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  1. tabatha bates
    May 13 2014

    Are you ever in the bend area? You have worked on my horses and my bulldog!tab

    • Hi Tabatha,

      Dr. DePaolo lives in Aubrey, Texas and only makes it back to the Northwest to work at some regional Arabian shows. If you are willing to haul your horse to one of the shows, he would be happy to schedule an appointment.

  2. Mar 10 2016

    Dr. DePaolo; your Chaste Tree Berry Powder is a miracle! We have a 24 year old mare with a slight case of Cushings and we have tried all sorts of products which didn’t work. We tried the Liquid version but it was so diluted it wasn’t effective. We put our mare on this supplement and within a few days we noticed a huge difference. She immediately started to shed her thick coat, her mood changed and she acts like a young mare again! She is a really picky eater but mixing the supplement into her daily shredded beet pulp and she licks the pan clean! We’ve never been happier to see how much happier and healthier she is. Thank you for this wonderful product!

    Debbie P.
    Pellegrino Quarter Horses, LLC

    • Hi Debbie,
      Thank you so much! Can we use your testimonial on our Facebook page. I will only put Debbie P. on there but this is a great story and we want others to be able to have the same results. I will pass along this to Dr. Mark as well.
      Thanks again!
      The DEC Team

  3. LuAnn De Young
    May 3 2016

    I would like to thank Dr. Depaolo for being innovative in creating the horse hair analysis. Through the horse hair analysis test, I found my Arabian mare, Angel, who is thirteen, had heavy metal toxicity. The hair analysis test was done due to my feeding of a quality Timothy hay with feeding supplements in beet pulp and alfalfa pellets soaked. Not realizing the carbs and sugar contents of what Angel was getting, her system went into IR overload and her body gained the fat pockets described in the article Dr. DePaolo has written on this website for IR Resistance. I changed her feed back to regular grass hay and had the Timothy and grass hay tested for sugar content. In doing so, the Timothy was too high in WSC for her. The grass hay was just below the Timothy. I am soaking Angel’s hay 30 minutes am and pm now. And since I have started the detox recommended by Dr. DePaolo, Angel’s body has changed and she is whole different horse.. What a difference in her attitude and energy level. I love the change in my mare and am grateful that I had someone who is innovative in prevention of disease and nutrition to turn too. What a blessing. Thank you again. I appreciate your hard work and dedication in the Vet world of practicing medicine. Bless you!!!!

    LuAnn De Young
    McMinnville, Oregon
    May 3, 2016

    • Thank you LuAnn for the great testimonial. I will pass along your email to Dr. DePaolo and the whole DEC Team!!!
      Keep up the great work. I’m sure Angel loves you for it 🙂


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