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Hidden Heavy Metals In Horses

Dr. DePaolo has tested over 3,800 horses with Horse Hair Analysis.  Many horses show heavy metal toxicities.  Heavy or toxic metals are known to interfere with normal biochemical function and are deadly to Read more »


Selenium Is Essential For Horses

The mineral, selenium, is a great anti-inflammatory and anti-viral.  It has high anti-oxidant properties.  Although humans get selenium from certain nuts, fish and eggs, horses need to obtain it through Read more »


A Poor Hair Coat Can Be A Sign Of Something Deeper

Did you know that a horse’s coat can reveal a lot about its health?

HHA_FL_largeA dull coat can be a lack of essential vitamins and minerals.  To test these critical levels, you might want to try Horse Hair Analysis®.  We simply send a small section of your horse’s mane to a lab for profile of a horse’s biochemistry.  Along with the lab results, Read more »


Horse Hair Analysis – Detoxing Heavy Metals (testimonial)

Here is a testimonial that was sent to us about Horse Hair Analysis.  As you will read, sometimes it is a bumpy road to getting your horse healthy but trust us, it will be worth it!

I hope by sharing our “journey” others will recognize the signs & symptoms and take action to correct their horse’s health sooner than later.

We brought Ace home Oct 2, 2010, Read more »


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Horse Hair Analysis for stallions

One of our clients had a stallion with strange hydration and skin issues including wrinkly skin and severe scratches that no topical treatments would help.  Plus, his sperm count/life had very poor motility.  They had multiple vets examine the stallion, including having blood work done several times and everything kept coming back as normal.

It is common to have blood work come back “normal” when an HHA test does not.  Click HERE to find out why Horse Hair Analysis is more accurate than blood testing for certain information.   Read more »


Arabian Trainer Todd Ehret answers a few questions about Horse Hair Analysis

We asked Todd some candid questions about Horse Hair Analysis because sometimes is best to hear honest answers from an actual customer! Read more »


Common Equine Nutrition Questions

Dr. Mark gets a ton of questions about nutrition and proper feeding protocol. Below is an email exchange between Dr. Mark and a customer. This advice is beneficial for all horse owners….

Thank you for the great nutrition information!  I especially like the “What Goes in the Bucket” chart; very helpful.  I will be gradually changing his diet to a healthier, low-sugar program.  I do have a question or two, though. Read more »


Supplements For Horses With Endocrine Issues

Proper diet has an immense effect on maintaining a healthy endocrine system.  Cushings, Pre-Cushings, Hypothyroidism, Endocrine Syndrome and Insulin Resistance all have one thing in common: pituitary gland dysfunction. Most of these diseases are brought about by stress like competitions, trailering, sweet feeds, stalling, medicating, vaccinating, and daily dewormers. Read more »


Is Your Horse Drinking Toxic Water?

After scientifically testing over 3,000 equines with Horse Hair Analysis, one of the most frequently asked questions is ‘How did my horse become toxic in a heavy metal?’ Many times we never find the source, but a common culprit is water. Most horses tested have had more than one owner and have lived in multiple environments. When you combine that with traveling to different facilities for competitions, horses are exposed to a multitude of water sources by the time they are just 6 or 7 years old. Read more »