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One of our favorite vets goes live!

Dr. Karen Becker did her first Facebook Live stream today.  She had fans send in questions and she chose popular and interesting ones to answer on Facebook today.  If you missed it, you can still watch the video from the Dr. Karen Becker’s Facebook Wall.  Some of the topics she covered today are: Read more »


All Natural Paw Balm

This time of year is ruff on your best friend’s paws.  Frozen ground, anti-freeze, salt and synthetic de-icers can be very harmful.  Here is a recipe for an all natural balm to help your doggie’s paws. Read more »


Don’t Be Fooled By The Pet Food Industry

At DePaolo Equine Concepts, we focus much of our owner education on equine nutrition.  Many of the popular horse feeds out there contain ingredients that can be detrimental to your horse’s health.  Why are they added if they aren’t healthy for my horse? Because they are cheap, easily accessible and they are appealing to the owner (either visually or aromatically).  The same rings true Read more »


All Aboard!

What a great way to bring some joy to rescued dogs!  Local Fort Worth retiree, Eugene Bostick, has been taking care of stray dogs for over a decade.  He found a way to give them some extra happiness with his doggie train.  A few times a week Bostick hooks up the cars Read more »


The Dog Days Of Summer

I would like to introduce you to two very important team members at DEC…

Remington, CSO (Chief Security Officer) and napping extraordinaire:






Read more »


Natural Flea Control

It is the time of year that fleas and ticks start to become a real problem in most of the country.  Several reports and studies have shown very dangerous side effects and even deaths in pets associated with the over the counter topical and oral flea medications.  At DePaolo Equine Concepts we prefer to use a natural approach to health care whenever possible.  Here are a few ways to help keep these nasty pests away from your furry friends. Read more »


Vaccine Study From IVC


I get asked about vaccinations quite a bit in my practice. Since a horse’s immune system functions just like yours, I take a similar approach to giving vaccines when the horse is younger, which offers them lifelong antibodies.

Jean Dodds, DVM, addresses immunity in this interesting article about small breed dog vaccines. Read more »


‘Ruffing’ it!

We all love to pamper our pooches and this new line of pet accessories, FP Pet Project, from Free People will leave your puppy perfectly accessorized for summer.

Engraved leather feather motif collar ($68.00): Read more »


Hyperbaric chamber for your pets

Larger hyperbaric chambers have been used on people (and expensive horses) for decades but recently a smaller and more cost effective version has emerged for companion pets.  Some conditions that have been proven to be helped with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) include: Read more »


How to find a lost dog

Here at DePaolo Equine Concepts, our dogs (and our horses of course) are part of our family.  If you ever have to go through the agony of having a lost dog, try this tip…

Take an article of your clothing that has been worn for at least 24 hours (longer if possible) and put it Read more »