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8 out of 10 horses are either

deficient in minerals and electrolytes

or have TOXIC levels

of heavy metals in their systems.

Horse Hair Analysis® provides us with a tremendous opportunity to evaluate not only your horse’s health via his or her vitamin, mineral and metal levels, but it will also allow us to review how well your current feed and supplementation program is working.

Horse Hair

Horses need a specific balance of vitamins and minerals to function properly. At least 8 out of 10 horses are either deficient in minerals and electrolytes or have TOXIC levels of heavy metals in their systems. With Horse Hair Analysis®, not only will you get an in depth report of your horse’s levels of 18 critical minerals and toxins, you will receive a recommendation for a custom made supplement designed specifically to help your horse reach its maximum potential. If toxic levels of metals are detected, a detoxification program will be prescribed.

Many horse owners treat sore muscles and stiffness with time off or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), such as Phenylbutazone (bute).The effectiveness of these treatments will be short lived if the real issue is a vitamin or mineral deficiency. When a diagnosis is attempted with blood work, the results are likely to be inaccurate as blood tests are not nearly as precise as Horse Hair Analysis®. Hair is first place nutritional deficiencies may be detected.

Making a SampleIt’s As Easy As:

  • 1. Order Horse Hair Analysis® in the on-line store.
  • 2. Send in a pencil width section of your horse’s mane.
  • 3. Receive a customized report created by Mark DePaolo, DVM analyzing your horse’s results.
  • 4. Order your HHA Personalized Supplement to achieve optimum health for your horse.
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  1. wendy kerns
    Jan 1 2017

    Hi, I’m ready to retest my horse. I don’t feel comfortable in mailing my credit card information, is mailing a check to you an option? Thank you and Happy New Year

    • Yes, you can mail a check. You can call the office at (940) 686-9111 and they can take your credit card over the phone. You will need to fill out the re-test questionnaire but that can be sent or emailed. Thank you.


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